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Crack your Digital Marketing Job Interview with these 21 Most Likely questions and their answers

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Whether you have just finished a digital marketing course or are looking for a new job in the field of digital marketing, you will know that you need to stand out from the competition. That means that you have to present an impressive CV and also excel at your job interview.

The job interview can be quite nerve-wracking for most people. Being prepared to answer the questions in an intelligent way that will showcase your abilities will require that you go fully prepared.

Follow this guide of likely questions and desired answers to prepare for your digital marketing job interview. Once you are at the interview, stay focused, be self-confident and keep calm in order to ensure that you get your desired digital marketing job.

Basic Interview Questions and Answers that require digital marketing knowledge

  1. Describe what Digital Marketing is

    Digital marketing is the application of various brand marketing techniques that are adapted to meet the requirements of various digital channels and the internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media marketing, email marketing, and link building are some of the techniques used.

  2. How many segments can Digital marketing be categorized in?

    There are two digital marketing segments, namely, inbound and outbound marketing.

    Inbound marketing uses social media and other digital content, including e-newsletters, webinars, blogs, etc. to increase the number of clicks on links.

    Outbound marketing is reaching potential customers directly through digital means like emails, ad placements, and cold-calls.

  3. Explain the meaning of SEO?

    When on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is applied to a website it optimizes it so that search engines can find it and index it correctly. Optimized websites need strategic keyword inclusion, links, organized content with subheadings and content readability. These are the necessary promotional activities that boost the search engine ranking of the website. Off Page Search Engine optimization involves all activities on the net but outside your website to increase the presence of a website

  4. What does “keyword” mean in a digital marketing context?

    When users perform searches on the internet they type in a word or phrase that helps them find the information that they looking for. This is known as the “keyword” and it ensures that the most relevant content is displayed at the top of the search engine page.

  5. Why is the “keyword” so important in SEO?

    Using the right keywords in the content optimizes how search engines find web pages and this reflects in the site ranking. Search Engines match keywords & content on the websites to the query on the search engine.

  6. Where should keywords be used for optimized website ranking?

    They should be used in the:

    • Website URL
    • Website title
    • In Meta Tag
    • In the webpage content
    • In headlines
    • The body text must have an increase in keyword density
  7. What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

    Pay-per-click or cost-per-click advertising is used to direct traffic to a website. The advertisements in PPC can be run from a website on the search engines or other publishers (websites) and the advertiser is charged by them every time there is a click on the ad by a user.

  8. How many primary models determine pay-per-click advertising?

    Pay-per-click rates can be determined by two primary models:

    The first, flat-rate PPC is when the publisher and advertiser agree on a fixed amount for each click. These rates are usually fixed according to the areas of the website or network. The rate is also determined by the content and how many people it’s likely to attract.

    The second, bid-based PPC is used by leading platforms like Google Ads, the most popular one. Advertisers compete by placing a bid on the maximum amount that can be paid for particular keywords. The auction is hosted by the publisher and the winners are chosen if they meet all the criteria, including keyword relevance, landing page quality and the value of the keyword bids.

  9. What exactly is Google AdWords?

    Google AdWords is currently the most popular PPC advertising system globally. Businesses can also create ads on the Google AdWords platform that then appear on the Google search engine and their other entities.

  10. How do you determine if a PPC keyword is effective?

    There are certain qualities that an effective PPC keyword should have:

    • Relevant: Targeted PPC keywords must be listed out.
    • Exhaustive: Search phrases, or long-tail keywords as they are known should also appear on the list. These usually have three or more words and are product or service-specific.
    • Expansive: Keyword lists are constantly growing and adapting because of the nature of the internet.
  11. How can website conversion rates be optimized?

    Conversion rates mean that you have to get visitors to your website to perform an action. This could be to purchase a product, sign up for something and others. Conversion rates can be increased if close attention is paid to the following areas:

    • The content written for the website must be compelling and relevant to the keyword or search queries.
    • The ads and landing pages must correspond in relevance.
    • The registering process for users must be easy when they want to make a purchase or receive newsletters.

    Landing page design is an important tool to attract users and needs to have a combination of design elements that make it appealing to users. These include elements like color, layout, and GUI.

  12. What is the best approach for pay-per-click campaigns?

    There are 5 essential steps to follow:

    • More relevant PPC keywords for your business helps expand their reach
    • Click-through-rates (CTR) can be improved with split ad groups, making them smaller and more relevant.
    • Regularly review PPC keywords and change them if they are too costly or are underperforming.
    • A refined landing page with modified content and call-to-action will be more aligned to individual search queries.

    Non-converting terms or negative keywords improve campaign relevancy and reduce spend.

  13. Name some of the most useful online tools

    There are some very useful tools and these include:

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Trends
    • Digital Point Keyword Tracker
    • Crazy Egg Heat Maps
    • Keyword Discovery
    • StumbleUpon
    • XML Sitemap Generator
    • Favicon Generator
    • SubmitExpress Link Popularity
    • Optimizely
  14. What are on-page and off-page optimization?

    Keyword relevance, content quality, and webpage authenticity according to backlinks are calculated by Google’s search engine algorithm. On-page optimization is optimizing of content and structure of the webpages, while off-page optimization is the improvement of the backlinks to improve SEO.

  15. How can penalties be avoided?

    The basics to watch are not to link to sites with bad page rankings, avoid plagiarism and stealing of images from other sites, and visitors should not be redirected to other pages before they click on the web age link.

  16. How to know what “bad links” are?

    Bad links are those that are unrelated to a website, they also come from links that have low traffic and page ranks. Link exchanges, sites that are not in Google index, paid links, and spam containing links are also classified as “bad links”.

    Questions and answers about the company and the job

    Once you have answered these basic marketing questions you will still need to answer a few more that will be more relevant to the company and yourself. Be prepared to answer these in a confident and knowledgeable manner ensuring that you ace the interview.

  17. Tell me about yourself?

    This is where you concentrate on your skills and strengths. Speak about where you studied digital marketing, and what experience you have. Your CV is also an important tool, keep it updated and highlight your digital marketing skills in it. During the interviews go into greater depth on this knowledge. Your online presence must be professional because it will definitely be checked.

  18. Why do you want this job?

    In order to answer this question, you need to be prepared with lots of data and facts about the company. This will take a lot of research, not only about the digital marketing department, but also revenues, annual data reports and any new coverage.

    You need to know what the company’s brand is trying to achieve, how your experience fits in with it, and what their online campaigns are.

    When you start talking, you need to appear smart, and to the point.

  19. What attracted you to our company?

    Discuss a few of their requirements and how you feel that you are the right candidate to help them achieve some of their goals. Relate stories about how you can grow certain aspects of their social media or other campaigns, especially if you have previous experience or attended special training courses or seminars that have prepared you for this. Show a passion for the industry.

  20. What are your strengths?

    Mention your strong qualities and all your other skills. Mention any of your soft skills like negotiating abilities, communication, and problem-solving skills. These are valuable in every department.

  21. Do you have any questions?

    Of course, you do. You will want to know about the responsibilities of the job, any expected upcoming changes and future prospects.

Final word

If you have decided to follow a career path in digital marketing, then you have to look no further than completing an advanced  course with us . Your dream job will then be just an interview away. To Know the various career options available to you as a digital Marketer check out my blog 6 Top  Career & Freelancing  options in Digital Marketing.


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