Top 6 Careers & Freelancing Opportunities for Digital Marketers

Top 6 Careers & Freelancing Opportunities for Digital Marketers in Nashik

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Career options in Digital Marketing in Nashik
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June 27, 2019
Nashik Careers in Digital Marketing

Penned. By: Pavitra Takle; Aprrox Read Time: 8 Minutes

The right question is not whether Digital Marketing will take over traditional marketing in Nashik, the question is how fast. The reasons are not hard to find, all the screens be it mobile or laptop are continuously staring at you, this is where the eye balls are, this is where people reside i.e. inside their mobile screens. The drop in the internet usage charges, thanks to Jio and the competition it ushered, is doing the trick, rural India is finally onboard and Nashik is joining the bandwagon. The cost-effective targeting of clients & the feedback mechanism it offers will ensure traditional ways of marketing will go in oblivion.

Goods and services will go through their own cycles of evolution, innovation and decay but what will definitely change is how these goods and services are marketed. The clear trend is the rapid shift towards digital/ internet platforms.


The above circumstances clearly point that the time for Digital Marketers’ has come. It’s a specialized job encompassing Search Engine optimization i.e. getting your or clients site to the top of the stack, creating Google compliant websites, creating powerful links to those websites, managing the security of business sites, creating business pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, creating video channels on YouTube, content management of all the above, creating Ads for the above platforms, targeting them to the right audience and getting results in a cost effective way. Digital Marketer performs many functions other than the ones mentioned above but I think I made my point.


Where are the jobs vanishing and where are they reappearing, a simplistic answer is from Traditional to Digital.

Where are these jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities emerging?

  1. Nashik Corporate: The industrial zones in and around Nashik are waking up to web platforms for marketing and sales of their goods be it Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumers direct (B2C) Small & medium scale companies have started hiring a Digital Marketer in their team to promote their products. The roles allotted to a Digital Marketer post are that he has to manage everything related to digital promotions it’s all in one kind of a role rather than specialized roles like content manager, SEO Manager etc. The remuneration for a fresher range from 18k to 30K per month. The exposure a fresher gets is invaluable.
  2. Freelancer: Entrepreneur digital marketer is another avenue which is on the rise, you are the boss of your own timing, creativity and Fees that you want to charge. FreelancerYou can operate from the comfort of your own home with just a laptop armed with knowledge and grit. Freelancers can build their own agencies once they acquire sufficient number of clients and then hire in-house graphic designers, animators, content writers et al. The scalability of a freelancer and the heights that he/ she can reach is tremendous provided the person is ready to let go off a fixed monthly remuneration and embrace uncertainties associated with being an entrepreneur.
  3. Content Writer: Guess who is at the top of the food chain in Digital Marketing, some may be surprised it’s the content writer. A voracious reader who has read everything from Kusumagraj, Pula Deshpande, Chandrakant Kakodkar to John Grisham and John Nash is a right candidate. Person should know the pulse of the society, people their habits and should be able to create buyer personas in their mind before they can get down to penning it. Digital ads, blogs website content needs to be immensely viewable and readable by the clients, it should interest them enough to buy goods and services. It is the content writers who make it happen, it is their content and creativity and understanding of their clients which makes it happen. I have heard of monthly remuneration s as high as 25 lac a month for the topnotch guys. Content writing cannot be taught in a class, some methods can be taught but one’s own exposure and articulation of that exposure decides the efficacy of a content writer.
  4. Online Reputation Management for Professionals: it’s a fancy phrase for marketing for professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Architect’s, Chartered Accountants and other professions that you can think of. It requires a different approach than selling goods plus for doctors one needs to understand the intricacies of Medical Council of India guidelines, for Advocates it would be Advocates act and so on. There are constrains on how a professional can promote himself hence it’s called online reputation management. Successful Surgeries which are rare and complicated are displayed on digital platforms for a surgeon to display his/ her extraordinary competency and skill. In short the promotion is somewhat veiled but ethical. It’s a specialized segment of digital Marketing. We at KrishnaWeb Digital have specially designed short term courses for the professionals wherein they can handle their own promotion. A would-be digital Marketer can take our advanced course to do it for others.
  5. Working for a traditional ad agency: traditional ad agencies are rapidly adapting to the digital platform and they need trained digital marketers to manage the transition and continuity of their business. Working with a traditional ad agency has its own advantage as they have a ready pool of clients with established relationships which can be leveraged to take them to the digital platform. They have graphic designers, content writers in-house so that part is already taken care of. The exposure that a rookie can get is precious.
  6. Overseas opportunities from your home office: a lot of digital Marketing jobs are getting offloaded and many Nashik based web developers and digi marketers are picking up the gauntlet, Overseas opportunities from your home officeby Indian standards the rates are pretty good per hour ranging from 15 to 25 US dollars per hour which translates to approx 1000 to 1750 Rs an hour. In this segment content, specifications & material like images is provided by the overseas agency and the local job is to put it together. Meticulous, timely and quality execution is the key to success here, say good bye to night sleeping and be a day snoozer. (I am semi kidding). We at KrishnaWeb prepare students for this segment with live projects to work on. Check our home page and courses page to know more.

We work closely with the corporate sector to help our students with placement. Post the completion of the course we do handholding to settle the students in the segment of their choice.

Above 6 opportunities are not an exhaustive list, there are many more and the list is getting longer every day. So, if you are looking for a sunrise field whose time has come then Digital Marketing should be on top of your list.

For more information on careers in this field drop by at KrishnaWeb Digital or check out the home page and courses section of this website by clicking here.

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