Top Seven Digital Marketing & SEO Trends Of 2019 for Nashik

Top Seven Digital Marketing & SEO Trends Of 2019 for Nashik

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May 22, 2019
2019 Trends

Penned By: Pavitra Takle; Approx Reading Time: 5 minutes

  1. The Rise and Rise of Local Languages:
    Guys … & I mean Gals too; Over 80 % of Nashikites love Marathi over English and this is the trend in rest of India & worldwide in non-English speaking countries. So Businesses & Service providers will not be left behind in catching with the trend. Content & websites are being rapidly churned out in local languages to satisfy the curiosity on netizens especially in the rural area which is getting inexpensive access to Internet; Thanks to Jio and the Likes.
  2. The Death Of SEO:
    Is SEO Dead?Is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Dead??? Not yet but the first signs are definitely emerging. Type 2 BHK Flat in Pune in your Google browser and Whoa!!! Surprise, if you notice carefully, the first four results on your page are ads of Pune builders, followed by three results of National Players Like MagicBricks etc followed by Ads again. So out of 10 results on your page 7 are ads and 3 are appearing through organic results i.e. SEO. So basically you are buying out the Ad space. There is no substitute to a clean tidy website with proper seeding of keywords and context to tell Google robots (bots) what business you are up to. Of course, there should be no broken links and ugly font sizes and things like that but that’s about it. This entire business of being up in the rank on Google search pages has basically moved to paid ads.

  3. Single Page website Is In:
    Why??? Don’t ask me, ask Google, they have implied it in March 2019 (some people call it Pagination update) They now index all the pages of a website separately, almost as if they are unconnected pages with very little or no relevance to each other. So, each web page not website mind you, should stand on its own. Google has advanced algorithms to know that the entire context of a website is about let’s say ‘Nashik Cha Chiwda’ or an Ice-cream manufacturer and not a Steel manufacturing unit, but it ends there. The big takeaway is each Page on a website should satisfy some query, curiosity or need to make it immensely viewable. And why the **** we should bother about Google’s dictate, well because they have almost monopolised the internet and without their nod you won’t be seen anywhere on the net or would be stashed away in some remote corner on page 11 making you virtually invisible.
  4. Voice Search Has Arrived:
    Google assistant, Alexa, Siri and others are ushering in the voice search revolution, Nashik is taking its first baby steps but the baby will grow very fast in 2019 and by 2022 would be an adult. 35 % of the search here and 50% world wide will be on voice by then, one can ignore voice search on their own peril. So, go & buy your first Alexa. Get your mobile bills, learn cooking step by step, get your daily brief of news or control all the lighting, security and air-conditioning from this voice devices. Rapid drop in prices of these devices will ensure rapid uptake in numbers and usage.
  5. Videos & Interactive Content:
    Have you seen Tik Tok? if not you better, its exploding on the digital screens and posing an eventual threat to YouTube. Teenager are going bonkers on this Chinese.
    YouTube is going premium with rich content. 360 degrees view of products and services with commentary and music is becoming the new norm. Interactive content on videos where you are asked to take some action based on what you are viewing is catching on fast. Its 2019 and fast buck artists cannot be left behind, they are having a field time too with videos making unbelievable claims. Multiple video formats and options are emerging on Facebook & its sister concern Instagram. YouTube is a video search engine by itself, just in case you didn’t knew that.
  6. Rebooting the Role of Digital Marketer:
    Digital MarketerDigital Marketers in 2019 will be going back to the drawing board again as at least some part of Digital Marketers role is being taken over by AI – Artificial Intelligence. AI is recording patterns of consumer behaviour, analysing them identifying the core audience for brands & services and then creating extremely personalised content to be fed to each potential consumer or a group. It’s not like it will happen in Circa 2030 its already happening in today. AI will make some odd rare stupid mistakes but would be deadly accurate in its optimised delivery of ads and content to targeted audience like 99% of the times. Using the right platform, placement of ads, timing of ads, demography will be executed with scary accuracy.

  7. Google Octopus Is knocking On the Door:
    Google OctopusCan I be a Good boy in Nashik & a Bad boy in Goa? not anymore, soon if Google has its way. It is rumoured Google is developing an algorithm code named Octopus, which like an Octopus will have tentacles and will collect data from not only search engines but also from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc building a comprehensive or shall I say holistic profile of all of us and rank our websites, our Business, probably us and come up with a combined rank. So, end 2019 when you go to Goa take care that you don’t appear on FB and Twitter with some Russian, Well … Vodka on the beach.

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